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Allexi Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
​Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine, sterile, disposable needles to move energy in our bodies.  Our bodies have pathways of energy called meridians that can become "stuck" due to stress, allergies, toxicity or trauma causing us disease, inflammation and pain.  By inserting needles at specific points along our meridians, acupuncture disperses the "stuck" energy, moving it and redirecting it to balance our bodies.

Herbs are used to complement acupuncture by dispersing, moving and building energy.  Acupuncture restores vitality and balance to our bodies, eliminating pain and disease naturally.  Dr. Allexi uses a holistic, integrative approach to acupuncture and chinese medicine.  Come in and see how good it feels to have a balanced electrical system! 
Allergy Desensitization NAET
Symptoms: Pain in the back, low back, neck, head, face, arm, shoulder, elbow, hand, leg, hip, knee, foot, TMJ
ADD  Allergies  Arthritis  Asthma  Autism  Brain Fog  Celiac Disease  Chronic Fatigue  Fibromyalgia  Gastric Reflux  Headache  Hormone Issues  Hypothyroidism  IBS  Insomnia  Migraines  Poor Memory  Rheumatoid Arthritis
Allergy Desensitization or NAET is an extraordinary technique in which sensitivities or allergic reactions can be repatterned so that our bodies react differently to allergens.  NAET is a specific technique which utilizes the theory behind Chinese Medicine along with the technique of Acupuncture to remove blockages caused by allergens.  

As allergic blockages are removed and the flow of energy is restored you can use your nutrition properly and be at ease in your environment.  Dr. Allexi is a Certified NAET Practitioner and has been providing NAET treatment since 1996.  Enjoy the changes that you can make with this extraordinary therapy!