Allexi Chiropractic and Acupuncture

    Allexi Chiropractic & Acupuncture  813 Fox Lane Ste D, Waterford, WI  53185  Located on Hwy 36 by McDonalds
​   Best place for care!  Not sure where to start.  Dr. Allexi treats the entire person.  She will not only find out where it hurts, but why, how long and if the pain is causing other issues.  She takes the time to listen, learn, understand you and anything that could be causing your problems.  From head to toe.  She will help you!!!  Physically and emotionally.  She can and will help all of you.  Your body feels bettter and with her great care and understanding your mind is cared for as well.  If you are looking for acupuncture, and I had never had this before, it's great.  Dr. Allexi is the one.  She knows just what to do.  The results I have received in her care are outstanding.  I recommend Allexi Chiropractic and Acupuncture for Body Mind and Soul.  Dr. Allexi has a Loving Heart and Healing Hands!  Dawn E.

   I am a wellness educator and practitioner that has worked to seek natural care whenever possible for my health challenges.  Dr. Allexi has proven to be the 'one stop shop' helping me climb out of inflammatory arthritis and later freeing me of severe migraines after a concussion (that no other practitioner could free me of).  When I meet people with allergies and/or chronic pain who are often stuck taking drugs to mask symptoms, I refer them to Dr. Allexi with great success.  If you do what she asks you to do, you will get better.  Dr. McLean, D.C., CCSP 

​   Naet saved my life.  Nothing else was working for me.  I now have a healthy glow to my face, before it had a gray, pasty look.  Health first, then spend money on other things.  One can spend money on an expensive vacation and feel good for a week or spend money on their health and feel good for a lifetime.  If one looks healthy people are drawn to them.  My two sons are in college and see and feel the difference after their NAET treatments.  Jean C.

   When I first came to Dr. Allexi I was quite sick.  I learned that inflammation was causing my pain and fatigue.  Because of  the great care I received from Dr. Allexi I soon was feeling much better!  Not only has the Acupuncture helped me tremendously, my back has greatly improved from the Chiropractic care I receive for my scoliosis.  She had made a world of difference in my health.  Without a doubt, I highly recommend Dr. Allexi to anyone who wants to attain and keep good health.  Patti H.

Thank you to our generous patients for sharing their testimonials.   We appreciate you!