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Did you know that allergies and sensitivities aren’t just about a runny nose. Some sensitivities can cause chronic illness and affect your ability to absorb nutrients that keep your body healthy. Some chemical and environmental sensitivities can even change your ability to move freely in the world, keeping you locked inside away from people and activities that you love for fear of a reaction. NAET a desensitization technique offers relief to many people from the side effects and symptoms of allergies and sensitivities.
Dr. Allexi has helped many people reclaim their lives by using the NAET technique. From perfumes to peanut allergies people have found relief from receiving NAET. Invented by Dr. Devi over 20 years ago, NAET is used around the world to return people back to health and daily living.

While some people have more obvious reactions to allergens like dripping eyes and nose or swelling of the face or lips, other people get symptoms of fatigue or even brain fog. Yet other people get eczema, itching or asthma. The list of symptoms is endless because our genetics and bodies are all unique and respond so differently. The same allergen could cause completely different reactions in different people. That is why the treatment protocol is also different and is customized to each patient.

Some people have sensitivities and not allergies. Sensitivities are not IGE or immunoglobulin E reactions that are formally associated with allergies. Sensitivities can include any reaction including fatigue, headaches, fibromyalgia, brain fog, irritability, forgetfulness, weight gain, inability to heal or myriad of other symptoms. Sometimes sensitivities can cause deficiencies in the body. This is the concept behind NAET that is so unique and intriguing, the idea that we can become sensitive to something that is good for us. This sensitivity to good nutrition can ultimately cause deficiency and disruption of normal physiology.

Nowadays we are experiencing an increase in sensitivities due to leaky gut or disruption of the gastrointestinal tract lining. When leaky gut occurs, food being absorbed in our intestines can make its way into the blood stream causing different reactions. One reaction is an antigen-antibody reaction as our immune system recognizing the food as a foreign invader starts to attack it. This attack mode becomes a pattern in our immune system that forever more recognizes that particular food as an allergen. Of course, we see that food as spinach, but our body sees it as a certain peptide sequence that needs to be destroyed. Ultimately this reaction makes us sensitive to spinach and that’s not good. Then when we eat spinach we have an inappropriate reaction sending us into a reactive state. This reactive state can be exhausting and ultimately if enough of these reactions occur, it can affect our overall health.

This course of events could also make us sensitive to other proteins, vitamins, minerals and other good foods. This can cause sensitivities or poor reactions and ultimately deficiencies in our nutritional status. Our body can even become reactive to its own tissue if the offending food matches a peptide sequence like that of tissue in our body, thus contributing to autoimmune disease. That is the case with spinach, whose peptide sequence resembles that of the thyroid. Dr. Allexi uses NAET to desensitize people to these reactions. Along with other smart lifestyle changes, most people receive profound results with NAET.

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