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Chiropractic WaterfordMeet Chiropractor Dr. Jasmine Allexi

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be pain free?  Or are you just wanting to keep the good health that you already have?  Whether you are already a lover of chiropractic care or new to chiropractic, Dr. Allexi provides excellent care for the joints and muscles of your body.  From the top of your head to the tip of your toes Dr. Allexi works to find and adjust what is causing you concern.  Specializing in comprehensive care, Dr. Allexi adjusts not just the spine but also shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees, feet and ribs.  She even checks your cranium and pelvis for misalignment.  Being thorough is imperative to a good adjustment.  Dr. Allexi wants you to walk out of her office feeling that you’ve received excellent care and that you know that you are well on your way to feeling great.

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What Conditions  Chiropractic Can Treat

Chiropractic care can be helpful to people with low or upper back pain, neck pain, headaches or TMJ pain.  Chiropractic can even help with wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, knee or hip pain.  Almost any joint or muscle pain can be addressed with Chiropractic care.  Some studies have shown Chiropractic can even boost the immune system and keep your body running better.  Many people find that they get fewer colds and flu. Chiropractic care can keep you feeling good as a primary player in your wellness game plan.  Wellness is about getting and keeping your good health.  Join our Chiropractic family and commit to being able to do what you love in life.  Be active, stay active and live your best life now.

If you’ve been injured recently or you just find yourself in pain, chiropractic is a great place to turn for care.  Chiropractic is nonemergency care that addresses both acute and chronic pain.  If you have slipped and fallen, overplayed or had too much fun in the garden, chiropractic care can offer you relief.  After taking a thorough history, Dr. Allexi will perform a neurological and orthopedic exam.  In certain instances, Dr. Allexi may send you for x-rays for further diagnosis.  In most cases x-rays are not required for chiropractic care in our office.  A thorough evaluation will provide a working diagnosis for care in most situations.

Chiropractic care consists of a series of hands on movements applied to your joints.  You remain fully clothed during treatment.  It should not cause pain, but occasionally a patient will experience mild, short lived discomfort in an already irritated area.  Care is different for everyone because we are all unique individuals with different needs.  Some patients are adjusted with Dr. Allexi’s hands and sometimes she uses a tapping tool to adjust patients.  Even the gentle use of gravity along with a patient’s own weight can achieve an adjustment.  Dr. Allexi works with the preferences and tolerances of all her patients to achieve a successful and pleasant experience.

Chiropractic Can Help You Maintain Health

Chiropractic care is essential for healthy longevity.  As we age and move through life we experience misalignment of joints throughout our body.  Whether we have been involved in an accident, participate in sports, work out at the gym or just enjoy everyday life, we will find that our joints periodically require attention.  Chiropractic care aligns our joints to prevent degeneration or further degeneration of joints sometimes referred to as arthritis.  Chiropractic also provides meaningful neurological feedback to our proprioceptive nervous system.  Proprioception tells us where our body is in space helping us to move and walk in a coordinated manner.  Without proper proprioception we are much more likely to have an injury or accident.

Chiropractic has also been shown to enhance our immune function.  When our nervous system is communicating at optimum, our bodies just work better.  Wellness care, that is receiving chiropractic care on a regular basis, keeps you feeling better consistently and enhances your chance of staying in alignment during your daily activities.  Living the chiropractic lifestyle means that you are proactive about feeling good and moving well to enjoy not just a good life, but a great life.

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