Improving Your Sitting Posture

Do you also find that you constantly have back pain, neck pain, aching joints, feel stiff or have other problems? Particularly after working at a computer all day?

You’re not alone, bad posture is a problem millions of us face each day, either through our environment, habit or both.

50% of working Americans suffer from back pain each year. ACA

Bad posture can come about because of a misalignment in the body, and it can also lead to misalignment in the body. Either way, if your body is out of alignment, a chiropractor can often help. But seeing a chiropractor alone doesn’t always deal with the root causes. If your still not sitting in a good posture then it’s likely you may end up with the same pains again.

Monitor tips

  • Adjust the monitor height so that the top of the screen is at—or slightly below—eye level.
  • When viewing the center of the screen your eyes should be looking slightly downward
  • Reduce glare so that you don’t strain your eyes and hunch

Keyboard tips

  • Your keyboard height should be level with your elbows.
  • Keep the keyboard flat
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed

Chair tips

  • Avoid crossing your legs
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor
  • Use a chair with as many adjustments as possible. Possible adjustments include:
  • Height
  • Seat depth
  • Seat tilt
  • Lumbar support
  • Back tilt

The below graphic from Yorb shows a clear illustration of how to maintain good posture while working at a computer.

Correct Sitting Posture On Computer Desk

Calculate your desk and chair height:

Blitz Results has an easy to use calculator to calculate the optimum height of your desk and chair based upon your own height.

Set a reminder to get up every 30 minutes:

If you get up frequently and change position, you’re putting less strain on your body and you may be less likely to develop chronic pain.

Set yourself a reminder:

Visit a chiropractor

If you have been suffering with chronic pain and suspect that it may be caused by your posture you could benefit from seeing a trained chiropractor. For chiropractic care in Waterford, WI contact Dr Allexi Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Wellness Center: (262) 323-2925

Information supplied by Yorback and Ergotron.